Team 3824 is travelling to Myrtle Beach Wednesday for the Palmetto Regional Competition that starts Thursday morning and concludes on Saturday.  The team is competing with their robot “Hawksteiger”. Keep an eye out for updates with our match schedule and the

Chapter 8

The 8th and final chapter in the safety manual is safety awareness. While being aware of your surroundings is key to being safe this chapter more specifically focuses on safety requirements of FIRST. If you attend these meetings regularly and

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 regards safety at competitions, a priority for FRC that is rarely met. Safety PPE is not an issue at FRC competitions and overcrowding is close to unsolvable on our end but there are a number of things you

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 talks about safely moving the robot. FIRST has quite a detailed protocol for how to move a robot through competition. For those of you who have not been to a competition, if you are moving a robot through

Chapter 4

Chapter 4’s topic is PPE or personal protection equipment. The most common form of PPE is safety glasses. First requires ANSI approved or UL listed safety glasses. If you are using prescription glasses with side shields, make sure they are