Battery safety is something FIRST puts a big focus on. FIRST decided at the beginning of FRC that using electrical cords for all of the robots would put a dangerous strain on their power strips, and decided to run the risk of using batteries. To help control the risk, FIRST mandates all teams have a battery spill kit, which right now is in an orange bucket. This will soon change as the safety team is working on a Battery Spill Kit 2.0, details of that soon to come. If a battery were to spill and no brave, heroic, Nintendo-Switch-Owning safety team member is within mid-sized spear throwing distance, you will be expected to clean the spilled battery. To clean the battery simply pour the baking soda included in the spill kit and thoroughly cover all area that the acid spilled onto to remove any immediate danger. If you haven’t already retrieved a mentor or adult at this time, you should do that and they will help you, while using the included gloves, move the battery into the bucket. The safety manual then says you would dispose of this battery as you would any other hazardous material. Unfortunately we regret to inform you that we don’t dispose of hazardous materials on a regular basis, but take care not to just dump it into the nearest trash can.

Chapter 3