Chapter 5 talks about safely moving the robot. FIRST has quite a detailed protocol for how to move a robot through competition. For those of you who have not been to a competition, if you are moving a robot through the pit area, you must yell “ROBOT” repetitively in a siren like fashion. People will hate you for this, but they also hate being run over by a robot cart so this is for the better. Speaking of carts, anytime you move a robot outside of the pit you must use a cart. FIRST has many regulations on what cart you can use, but our cart meets those and there shouldn’t be a situation where you would use another cart. Finally, use proper lifting technique when moving the robot on and off of a cart as it is very heavy. If you find yourself moving the robot and think something along the lines of “I wonder if our robot can…” the answer is no. Just no. Always no.

Chapter 5