2017: “Steamworks” 


3824’s 2017 robot allowed for the team to learn how to better integrate the different materials that they had explored in their previous year with their 3D printing prowess. The game was too defense oriented to justify a 3D printed chassis, but the parts that were printed never broke through out the season. This season also marked the team’s first ever Chairmans Award win at a Regional level, and it’s first ever Dean’s List Award Finalist.

 20E5D_272416: “Stronghold”


Our robot from the 2016 game, unlike the previous year’s robot, was

not primarily 3D printed due to the rough nature of the game. The

chassis was made out of pultruded fiberglass, the same material as  a

fiberglass lader. This robot won the Smokey Mountain Regional and

attended the World Championships.


2015: “Recycle Rush”


2015 Smoky Mtns Regional 0255 (1)

Our robot from the 2015 game, outside of the motors and wires, was

completely 3D printed. It was able to consistently stack and pick up

the totes. Using this bot we able to get the highest score at Smokey

Mountain Regionals.




 3824-03 (1)

   2014: “Aerial Assist”

Black Lotus

 Our robot for the 2014 game, the 

“Black Lotus” is popular at outreach events. She also served as

 inspiration for the 3D printed car: The Strati.



3824-21 (1)


2013: “Ultimate Ascent”


Our robot for the 2013 game was capable of both

climbing and firing a frisbee. Once again, this game 

required for the robot to be capable of accurately 

aiming in order to score.

Smoky Mtn Regionals_0218 (1)


2012: “Rebound Rumble”


One of the key components to being successful in this game was the

ability to consistently score goals. The 2016 game requires

something similar to this. This robot was our first 3D printed robot.




3824-06 (1)

2011: “Logo Motion”

HAWKtimus Prime

2011 was the first year RoHAWKtics was a team. That year,

we printed our first 3D robot: The Minibot. It was a smaller robot

 that came out of our larger one and climbed up a pole.