Meet the members of the RoHAWKtics team!

Scouting and Strategy Team —

Front Row: Anders Pearson, Tym Brandel (Co-Captain), Gretel Hernandez

Back Row: Joey Townsend (Co-Captain), Steven Busby, Quinten Wardick, Abigail Bradfield

Build Team —

Front Row: Gavin St.Pierre (Co-Captain), Jodie Parham, Caleb Young, Steven Busby

Back Row: Andrew Adams, Ahmad Marion(Co-Captain), Taylor Henry, Issac Sikkema, Evan Richey

Not Shown: Parker Plumlee, Ben Ekblad, Hutch Peter, Zach Stivers

Electrical Team —

Jack Anderson (Captain)

Not Shown: Max Potter, Trey Hendrick

Design Team —

Front Row: Kaitlin Smith, Moriah Brown, Charlotte Whitmer

Back Row: Ken Sikkema, Preston Young(Co-Captain), Teddy Long, Gennick Yoshioka (Co-Captain), Tyler Engebretsen

Not shown: Jared Massey

Business Team —

Front Row: Alexis Longmire(Co-Captain), Bryce Stiles, Kenzie Caraway, Tyra Thomas

Back Row: Knox Crichton, Amberly Clark, Jacob Messing(Co-Captain), Rowan Palmer, Liam Schenk

Safety Team —

 Daniel Mountain (Captain)

Programming Team —

Left to Right: Anders Pearson, Bryson Gullet, Jackson Smith (Captain), Ethan Grissom, Phil Hicks

Not Shown: Alex Bingham

Executive Captains —


Left to Right: Weishan Liao, Sean Toll