Our Mentor Spotlight of the Week is “Vic” Thornsburry!


  1. What is your name? “Vic” Thornsburry


  1. What is your occupation? Maintenance, Hydraulics, Machinist, Water Colorist


  1. Which team are you on? No team, Conserver and Retired


  1. What is your role on the team? There to prevent accidents and teach people how to operate the machinery


  1. What is your field of study? Maintenance


  1. What is your Alma Mater? Attended San Pedro Houston, Texas and Jackson Junior, Jackson County, Michigan


  1. How long have you been on the team? Two years now


  1. What are your hobbies? Water color painting and reading


  1. A few of your interests? Water colors and plants, reading in free time


  1. If you could choose another field of study, what would you choose? Specialize in Foreign Languages, picking up Spanish
Mentor Spotlight of the Week 1/13/15