The Palmetto Regional has come and gone for this robotics season. Pultruder was able to finish on a fairly good note- making it to semifinals, in the 2nd alliance, and in the 7th seed. The official score was 8-5-0 (wins-losses-ties). Team 3824 was also awarded the Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation.

If you were unable to attend Palmetto, could not access the livestream, or wish to rewatch the matches, you can watch them here.

E5D_2724Team 3824 was in the following matches Qualification

  • Qualification 11
  • Qualification 17 
  • Qualification 30
  • Qualification 38
  • Qualification 44
  • Qualification 65
  • Qualification 83
  • Quarter Final 3-1
  • Quarter Final 3-2
  • Semi Final 2-1
  • Semi Final 2-2

Don’t forget to look for us at the Smoky Mountains Regional!

Palmetto Regional Results