In the weeks between the Palmetto Regional and the Smoky Mountains Regional, Team 3824 has been working on several new projects for the regional. Drive team practices were held and our practice bot underwent several changes that the team hope to implement on to their competition bot, Pultruder. At a recent practice, the robot (with drive team’s help) was capable of scoring 8 high goal shots  and crossed 8 defenses.

The team has also been preparing further for their chairman’s presentation and redesigning their pit area. The new pit is constructed out of pultruded fiberglass, the same martial as the robot.

The has also officially kicked off their robotics centric German exchange and are proud integrate 6 new German students into the team for the next month.

Information regarding a live stream of the event is currently unavailable, but will be released as soon as possible.

The schedule for the Smoky Mountains Regional can be found here.

Smoky Mountains Regional Preparations