The student spotlight this week is Karen Goyal!


What’s your favorite subject? Why?

-Chinese because my teacher is really nice and I love learning new languages.

If you had to choose your favorite thing about Robotics, what would it be and why?

-I really love the connections I’ve made with people. I have meet many professionals and have made new friends as well as had hands on learning, something that cannot be obtained in any classroom.

What motivated you to join the team?

-My freshmen year I saw flyers about and was very interested by it. After visiting regional and out of state competitions, the excitement and lively atmosphere drew me back in.

What have you gotten out of Robotics?

-I have gotten to learn things I wouldn’t be able to learn in the classroom and I like the hands on experience.

What’s your favorite pun that John Tilson has said?

-We were learning about rope tension in his Physics class, and he said something about things getting tense.

What would be your dream job?

-Working in a biochemistry lab in Taiwan. Since I want to further my understand of the Chinese language, visiting Taiwan for a few years and working as a Bio Chemist would be perfect.

What do you do outside of school and robotics?

-Eat, Sleep, Robotics, Spongebob, Repeat

What do you think will be the best part of the competition?

-My favorite part is always seeing the robot on the field on the first day. Watching it out there working and moving around on the first day is just so great. It’s completely different then seeing it here in the lab.

Do you plan on using robotics in your future in any way?

-Yes, the skills that it has taught me will be helpful toward biomedical engineering such as biomedical printing and creating plastic prosthetics.

Have you thought about where you’ll go to college and if so where?

-Vanderbilt, because I visited in the Summer and loved the atmosphere. Not only that, but I love how there’s a balance between mathematics, science, and liberal arts, especially since I want to continue with learning Chinese.

Student Spotlight 2/2/15