Jodie Parham

The student spotlight is Jodie Parham!

  • What’s your favorite subject? Why?

-Math- I’m good at it and I enjoy the intricacy of numbers

  • If you had to choose your favorite thing about Robotics, what would it be and why?

-Devising strategies to compete and then watching your strategy come into effect at competition

  • What motivated you to join the team?

-I did FLL as a child and my brother was on the team. My dad is also a mentor

  • What have you gotten out of Robotics?

-An expanded knowledge and experiences

  • What’s your favorite pun that John Tilson has said?

-Whenever he uses the word udder in terms of butter or cows

  • What would be your dream job?

-Civil engineer

  • What do you do outside of school and robotics?

-Softball and tennis

  • What do you think will be the best part of the competition?

-Watching the intensity of the matches

  • Do you plan on using robotics in your future in any way?


  • Have you thought about where you’ll go to college and if so where?

-Yes. I want to go to good engineering school, and I’ve always been partial to UT.

Student Spotlight of the Week 1/23/15